Delhi’s Famous Daryaganj Sunday Book Market- A Bibliophile’s Heaven 2019

Daryaganj Sunday Book Market 2019

Love books? But are low on cash! Then head over to the famous book market all over Delhi “THE DARYAGANJ SUNDAY BOOK MARKET” to get your favorite books at the cheapest rates.

Books are called a man’s best friend for a reason. Books provide you with information, entertain you, guide you while at the same time ask for nothing in return. A bit too dramatic! not if you are a bibliophile and can’t get enough of reading books. Fiction, Non-fiction, Self-help books, Autobiographies and many more. There is a huge world of books out there and lucky are those who have taken a plunge into it. Let me introduce you about the cheapest book market in all over Delhi, Daryaganj Book Market.

Market Timings, Crowd and Price Bargaining 

A lot of people are constantly looking out for places to buy cheap books and Daryaganj in New Delhi is one of the best places to buy all sorts of books, including stationary items. The book market opens every Sunday from around 10 AM till late evening and usually witnesses a huge crowd who are constantly on the look for books- be it a bestselling novel or a book for competitive exams. The market spans for about 1.5-2 km with booksellers spread all across the narrow lanes. The place is full of energy, chaos and enthusiasm and if you are someone who is not good at bargaining, you definitely will be after your visit there. I have personally been there many times and have always got the books I wanted, although you may have to search a while if you are looking for a specific book which is not a bestseller or doesn’t belong to a renowned author. The condition of some books may not always be to your liking but the cheap prices cancel out that factor for sure.

How to get there by Delhi Metro

The nearest metro from the book market is ‘Delhi gate’ on the violet line. ‘New Delhi’ metro on the yellow line is also very close to the market. The market is only set up on Sundays. So what are you waiting for! head out there the coming Sunday and have a great experience.

All in all, the place is a heaven for book lovers and even if you are not, then visiting this place should definitely be on your list of places to see in New Delhi

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